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Remove the voice from a song? Here are the solutions.

Right now, you can find many programs to remove a song’s voice. This article will highlight the best options to achieve the maximum result.


Do you often find it challenging to find the basis of a song for your students to study?
Can’t find the backing track because your chosen song is not part of the commercial market?

In the last 5 years I have used a lot of software to remove the voice from a song.
In 2016 there were very few programs to remove the voice from a song; today, thanks to artificial intelligence and complex algorithms, we have many different programs to take the voice off a song.

Let’s start by describing the four leading software I use based on the type of instrumental arrangement I want to obtain. Here you will also find a test-based evaluation of each software so you can understand its effectiveness faster.

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Albert Hera

Albert Hera, cantante e sperimentatore vocale ama definirsi un narratore di suoni. Ideatore di Siing Network e di Siing Magazine porta avanti questa grande risorsa con passione ed energia.

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