Slixs: acappella vocality, avant-garde and research

Surely in your life you’ve listened to at least one acapella song.

In Italy we have had many vocal groups that introduced this style to a great audience, starting with Trio Lescano and Quartetto Cetra up to the Neri per Caso and Cluster.



Today I would like to present you a group, the SLIX, from Germany. They impressed me from the beginning for their innovation and research, for the details of their arrangements, for the harmony and the color of the sounds.
Gregorio Hernandez, Katharina Debus, Michael Eimann, Konrad Zeiner, Karsten Müller, Thomas Piontek and Karsten Müller are the components that for many years have shared the stage in every corner on the planet. Their music has practically touched all continents, including Italy.

After this small introduction of the group, let’s talk about the technique and evaluation.

Each element of this group has its own peculiarity linked to its own resource. What clearly stands out during the SLIXS concerts are the rhythm set, the mix of the vocal color always in balance and a fair use of technology.

Gregorio Hernandez lead vocal, has a terrific technique, hard to find in acappella groups. His strengths are the falsetto and the agility of passaggio, but he is also very theatrical and free in his movements, and easily draws the attention of the audience. All the members of the group work in synergy and the choreographies are fluid without pauses and indecision.

Today I choose for you a video from their latest work Playgrounds entitled ‘That’s When It’s Love’.

In this videoclip you will notice their research for small details, from the extremely light colors of the background images to bright colors for the close-ups and objects in the clip. 

Enjoy this song.

I remind you to buy music because it allows art to survive and spread the principles of freedom and respect.

Happy Listening

Albert Hera

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